Skin Cancer
Any lesion of the skin that bleeds, especially more than once, is probably skin cancer. Suspected skin cancers should be biopsied as soon as possible.

Precancerous lesions are frequently noticed as rough scaly pink or reddish patches in sun-exposed areas that stay in the same place for several weeks. These can be treated with cryotherapy or topical medications.

Modified Mohs skin cancer surgery is specialized skin surgery that conserves as much normal tissue as possible and is usually used for facial or large tumors. Mohs surgery offers the lowest possible recurrence rate generally the best cosmetic result.


Acne Therapy
Current therapy for acne can clear even the most severe cases. Treatment can be tailored to produce much better results and less irritation than OTC products. Accutane treatment is available for both women and men with severe or recalcitrant acne. We also treat adult female acne.


Wart Treatment
Most warts respond to gentle cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen). Topical anesthetic cream can make wart treatment comfortable for small children.